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Panel Session: Efficiency and Productivity Analysis – When Theory meets Practice

Session Chair: Mette Asmild

Speakers: Pablo Arocena, Massimo Filippini, Jill Johnes, Sverre Kittelsen and Paul Rouse

Keynote Session:

Finn Førsund (University of Oslo, Norway)
‘Environmental performance measurement: The rise and fall of Shephard-inspired approaches’

Royal Economic Society Special Session: UK Productivity Puzzle I

Session Chair: Karligash Glass 

  • Tim Vorley, University of Sheffield and the Productivity Insights Network: ‘The Systems Approach to Productivity’
  • Richard Harris, Durham University and the Productivity Insights Network: ‘Does Spatial Clustering Raise Firm Productivity? Evidence from British Manufacturing’
  • Ben Gardiner, Cambridge Econometrics and the Productivity Insights Network: ‘Powering Up the Core Cities’

Royal Economic Society Special Session: UK Productivity Puzzle II

Session Chair: Anthony Glass 

  • Philip McCann, University of Sheffield and the Productivity Insights Network: ‘Do Regional Productivity Differences Matter?’
  • Nikola Dacic and Marko Melolinna, Bank of England: ‘The Granular Origins of Productivity Dynamics in the UK’
  • Sandra Batten and Pawel Smietanka, Bank of England: ‘The Innovation Characteristics of Frontier and Laggard Firms’

Feature session: Current Topics in Productivity Analysis

Session Chairs: Emili Grifell-Tatjé, Knox Lovell and Robin Sickles


  • Finn Førsund , University of Oslo
  • Sergio Perelman,  Université de Liège

This session will include three prominent speakers who contributed to the recently published Oxford Handbook of Productivity Analysis. The purpose of this session is to highlight and discuss recent developments in different areas of productivity analysis and outline promising areas for future research.

Panel Session: Weather, Climate and Agricultural Productivity Growth

Session Chair: Boris E. Bravo-Ureta, University of Connecticut, USA; University of Talca, Chile


  • Christopher O’Donnell, University of Queensland, Australia
  • Nicholas Rada, USDA ERS
  • Eric Njuki, University of Connecticut, USA
  • David Roibas and Alan Wall, University of Oviedo, Spain
  • Emanuele Massetti, Georgia Institute of Technology, USA

Madhur Gautam, World Bank, Washington D.C., will serve as discussant.

The session will present current methodological approaches and empirical analyses drawing from recent and ongoing work conducted by the panelists using different econometric approaches and data from the United States and Europe. 

Feature Session: Management Practices, Resource Misallocation and Productivity

The UK has experienced a persistent productivity gap compared to most of the major Group of 7 (G7) advanced economies, and along with some of these economies has also seen relatively stagnant productivity growth since the Great Recession of 2008 – the ‘productivity puzzle’.  Using similar data on management practices across various countries, the relationship between management practices and productivity is documented and could partly explain these cross-country productivity gaps. There is also a growing literature on the mechanisms through which these management practices deliver productivity gains. In the current socio-political climate, the relationship between uncertainty and resource misallocation is important in understanding firm performance in the years to come. Our three papers cover these aspects of firm behaviour.


  • Management Practices and Productivity in UK Production and Services Industries – Gaganan Awano, ONS; Nicholas Bloom, ESCoE, Stanford University; Ted Dolby, ONS; Paul Mizen, ESCoE, University of Nottingham; Rebecca Riley, ESCoE, NIESR; Tatsuro Senga, ESCoE, Queen Mary University of London, RIETI; Jenny Vyas, ONS; Philip Wales, ONS; presented by Russell Black, ONS
  • Managing for a Rainy Day? Precautionary Savings and Managerial Quality – Isabelle Roland, University of Oxford
  • Brexit and Uncertainty: Insights from the Decision Maker Panel – Nicholas Bloom, Stanford University; Philip BunnBoE; Scarlet Chen, Stanford University; Paul Mizen, ESCoE, University of NottinghamPawel Smietanka, BoE; Greg Thwaites, LSE Centre for Macroeconomics

Special Session: The Role of Axioms in Efficiency and Productivity Analysis 

Organisers: Shawna Grosskopf, Robin Sickles and Valentin Zelenyuk

Session Chair: Robin Sickles

  • Sushama Murty and Robert Russell:  ‘Modeling emission-generating technologies: Reconciliation of axiomatic and by-production approaches’
  • Rolf Färe: ‘Axiomatic justifications for the equal-weighted averaging of indexes with respect to different references’
  • Valentin Zelenyuk: ‘Axiomatic aspects of productivity indexes with fixed weights and relevance of transitivity’